Germany-based startup CUREosity is transforming therapy practices through pioneering virtual reality (VR) solutions. Their flagship product, CUREO, integrates VR technology with gamification and cutting-edge neuroscientific insights to deliver effective and engaging therapy programs. These programs cater to a wide range of applications in physiotherapy, occupational therapy, and neuropsychology, benefiting individuals with sensorimotor, cognitive, and perceptual impairments.

The Inspiration Behind CUREosity

CUREosity was founded by Thomas Saur, Stefan Arand, and Marco Faulhammer, driven by personal challenges. Thomas Saur’s journey began when his infant son experienced paraplegia after a car accident in 2000, highlighting the limitations of existing rehabilitation methods. Drawing from their collective therapeutic experiences and expertise in 3D visualization, VR, and IT application concepts, the founders aimed to innovate and bridge gaps in therapy practices with CUREO.

Introducing CUREO

CUREO is a comprehensive VR therapy system currently deployed in nearly 200 therapeutic facilities across 24 countries. It supports both individual and group therapy sessions, optimizing resource allocation and enhancing patient outcomes. According to CUREosity, 84% of stroke patients using CUREO have shown clinically significant progress, with 95% reporting increased motivation to continue therapy.

Recent Funding Achievement

CUREosity recently secured €3.8 million in growth financing, bringing its total funding to over €8.4 million. The funding round included contributions from existing investor TechVision Fund (TVF), Belgian family office Nomainvest, and other new co-investors. Legal support was provided by ADVANT Beiten and Forvis Mazars. This financial boost positions CUREosity to advance its innovative solutions further, expanding its global footprint and reinforcing CUREO’s leadership in VR therapy.

Investor Perspective

Björn Lang, Partner at TVF, highlighted the societal significance of CUREosity’s advancements:

“CUREOSITY addresses the critical shortage of skilled therapy professionals, especially amid demographic changes. Smart solutions like CUREO® play a crucial role in addressing these challenges, and we are eager to support their future solutions and successes.”